Hosting Rails apps for free on Oracle Cloud with Dokku

By Artem Avetisyan9 min read

Dokku has always been a low effort way to have your own Heroku. And now on a free infrastructure.

Turbo and fast system tests

By Artem Avetisyan10 min read

Build rich UIs with Rails and Turbo and test them without real browser.

Progressive Enhancement in Rails: why and how

By Artem Avetisyan15 min read

Why progressive enhancement is a good idea, ways to do it and how to test it.

File Links in the Terminal

By Artem Avetisyan5 min read

Open file links in the terminal

React Hooks I (finally) Understand

By Andrei Popa9 min read

An step-by-step introduction to React Hooks with a Gatsby.js example project

Mithril vs Hyperdom

By Artem Avetisyan7 min read

Frontend framework comparison

Building a documentation website

By Artem Avetisyan5 min read

Quickly put together a beautiful documentation website with runnable code examples

Keeping node dependencies up to date

By Artem Avetisyan2 min read

Making node dependencies upgrade less of a PITA